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Font Families and Weights

This page lists all Font Families and Weights CSS custom properties available in the OxyProps Framework

Font Families

link Font Families
DescriptionCSS VariableUtility Class
Sans serif, user system --o-font-sans o-sans
Serif, user system --o-font-serif o-serif
Monotype, user system --o-font-mono o-mono
Hyperlegible, self-hosted --o-font-atkinson o-atkinson

Font Weights

link Font Weights
DescriptionCSS VariableUtility Class
Thin --o-font-weight-1 o-thin
Extra-light --o-font-weight-2 o-extra-light or o-ultra-light
Light --o-font-weight-3 o-light
Normal --o-font-weight-4 o-normal
Medium --o-font-weight-5 o-medium
Semi-Bold --o-font-weight-6 o-semi-bold
Bold --o-font-weight-7 o-bold
Extra-bold --o-font-weight-8 o-extra-bold or o-ultra-bold
Heavy --o-font-weight-9 o-heavy

Text Transforms

link Text Transforms
DescriptionUtility Class
Uppercase o-uppercase
Lowercase o-lowercase
Capitalize o-capitalize