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This page lists all Scrollbars CSS custom properties and utility classes available in the OxyProps Framework


link Scrollbars
DescriptionUtility Class
Base class o-scrollbar

Scrollbars Colors

link Scrollbars Colors
DescriptionUtility Class
Brand color o-scrollbar-brand
Accent color o-scrollbar-accent
Links color o-scrollbar-links
Visited color o-scrollbar-visited

Scrollbars Shape

link Scrollbars Shape
DescriptionUtility Class
No Radius o-scrollbar-noradius
Thin o-scrollbar-thin
Thick o-scrollbar-thick

Customize the Scrollbars

link Customize the Scrollbars

You can customize the Scrollbars by using the following CSS custom properties:

CSS Custom PropertyDefault Value
--o_scrollbar-width calc(var(—o-size-fluid-1) / 2)
--o_scrollbar-height calc(var(—o-size-fluid-1) / 2)
--o_scrollbar-thumb-radius var(—o-radius-round)
--o_scrollbar-thumb-bg var(—o-scrollbar-color)
--o_scrollbar-track-radius 0
--o_scrollbar-track-bg transparent