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Font Weights

Font weight refers to the thickness or boldness of a font. The weight of a font is typically measured on a scale from 100 (thin) to 900 (black). Font weights can be used to create visual hierarchy and emphasize important information on a page.

Preview of the OxyProps font weights in Oxygen editor.

In OxyProps, font weights are defined using CSS variables and utility classes. Here’s an explanation of each weight and its corresponding variable and class:

DescriptionCSS VariableUtility Class
Thin --o-font-weight-1 o-thin
Extra-light --o-font-weight-2 o-extra-light or o-ultra-light
Light --o-font-weight-3 o-light
Normal --o-font-weight-4 o-normal
Medium --o-font-weight-5 o-medium
Semi-Bold --o-font-weight-6 o-semi-bold
Bold --o-font-weight-7 o-bold
Extra-bold --o-font-weight-8 o-extra-bold or o-ultra-bold
Heavy --o-font-weight-9 o-heavy

By using these font weights and their corresponding CSS variables and classes, you can easily adjust the weight of your text to create visual emphasis and hierarchy on your page.