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Text Shadows

This page lists all Text Shadows CSS custom properties available in the OxyProps Framework

Font Weights as Shadows

link Font Weights as Shadows
DescriptionCSS VariableUtility Class
Applies a very subtle text shadow. --o-shadoweight-1 o-shadoweight-1
Applies a subtle text shadow. --o-shadoweight-2 o-shadoweight-2
Applies a normal text shadow. --o-shadoweight-3 o-shadoweight-3
Applies a medium text shadow. --o-shadoweight-4 o-shadoweight-4
Applies a strong text shadow. --o-shadoweight-5 o-shadoweight-5
Applies a very strong text shadow. --o-shadoweight-6 o-shadoweight-6
Applies a heavy text shadow. --o-shadoweight-7 o-shadoweight-7
Applies a very heavy text shadow. --o-shadoweight-8 o-shadoweight-8