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This page lists all Flexbox CSS custom properties and utility classes available in the OxyProps Framework

Flex Directions

link Flex Directions
DescriptionUtility Class
Row o-flex-row
Column o-flex-col
Row Reverse o-flex-row-rev
Column Reverse o-flex-col-rev

Flex Wrapping

link Flex Wrapping
DescriptionUtility Class
Wrap o-wrap
Wrap Reverse o-wrap-rev
No Wrap o-nowrap

Flex Alignment main axis

link Flex Alignment main axis
DescriptionUtility Class
Justify Content Start o-flex-start
Justify Content End o-flex-end
Justify Content Center o-flex-center
Justify Content Space Between o-flex-between
Justify Content Space Around o-flex-around
Justify Content Space Evenly o-flex-evenly

Flex Alignment cross axis

link Flex Alignment cross axis
DescriptionUtility Class
Align Items Start o-items-start
Align Items End o-items-end
Align Items Center o-items-center
Align Items Baseline o-items-baseline
Align Items Stretch o-items-stretch

Flex Alignment self

link Flex Alignment self
DescriptionUtility Class
Align Self Start o-self-start
Align Self End o-self-end
Align Self Center o-self-center
Align Self Baseline o-self-baseline
Align Self Stretch o-self-stretch

Flex Alignment content

link Flex Alignment content
DescriptionUtility Class
Align Content Start o-content-start
Align Content End o-content-end
Align Content Center o-content-center
Align Content Space Between o-content-between
Align Content Space Around o-content-around
Align Content Space Evenly o-content-evenly
Align Content Stretch o-content-stretch

Flex Order

link Flex Order
DescriptionUtility Class
First o-first
Last o-last
DescriptionUtility Class
Grow 0 o-grow-0
Grow 1 o-grow-1
Grow 2 o-grow-2
Grow 3 o-grow-3

Flex Shrink

link Flex Shrink
DescriptionUtility Class
Shrink 0 o-shrink-0
Shrink 1 o-shrink-1
Shrink 2 o-shrink-2
Shrink 3 o-shrink-3

Flex Basis

link Flex Basis
DescriptionUtility Class
Sets flex basis to Content 1 o-basis-content-1
Sets flex basis to Content 2 o-basis-content-2
Sets flex basis to Content 3 o-basis-content-3
Sets flex basis to Header 1 o-basis-header-1
Sets flex basis to Header 2 o-basis-header-2
Sets flex basis to Header 3 o-basis-header-3