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Font Spacing

This page lists all Font Spacing CSS custom properties available in the OxyProps Framework

Letter Spacing (aka Tracking)

link Letter Spacing (aka Tracking)
Default valueCSS VariableUtility Class
-0.05 em --o-font-letterspacing-0 o-tracking-0
0.025 em --o-font-letterspacing-1 o-tracking-1
0.05 em --o-font-letterspacing-2 o-tracking-2
0.075 em --o-font-letterspacing-3 o-tracking-3
0.15 em --o-font-letterspacing-4 o-tracking-4
0.5 em --o-font-letterspacing-5 o-tracking-5
0.75 em --o-font-letterspacing-6 o-tracking-6
1 em --o-font-letterspacing-7 o-tracking-7

Line Height (aka Leading)

link Line Height (aka Leading)
Default valueCSS VariableUtility Class
0.95 --o-font-lineheight-00 o-leading-00
1.1 --o-font-lineheight-0 o-leading-0
1.25 --o-font-lineheight-1 o-leading-1
1.375 --o-font-lineheight-2 o-leading-2
1.5 --o-font-lineheight-3 o-leading-3
1.75 --o-font-lineheight-4 o-leading-4
2 --o-font-lineheight-5 o-leading-5